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New Rochelle Paving & Masonry is proud to be the top provider of experts and quality services in the driveway industry. We offer a wide variety of methods in order to enhance existing projects or bring new ones to life. Whether the projects are small scale or large, we have the staff and resources to bring the vision of our clients to life. We pride ourselves on our transparent consultations that identify necessary services and provide comprehensive, easy to digest information in regards to true costs of said services.

About Us

New Rochelle Paving & Masonry is by and large the most advanced service offering of its kind throughout the entire New Rochelle area. Our results are driven by a dedication to success and commitment to strong relationships with our clients. We consistently meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, and often times our customers come back to us in the future for more of their paving & masonry needs. We work hard to provide transparency and integrity, while also creating top of the line service and outcomes.


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    Our Services

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    Our mission and success are also rooted in the fact that we provide an extremely diverse set of high quality services throughout the New Rochelle area. We have experts on our team who are up to date in licensure and able to provide a wide variety of assistance to our customers. We provide consultations that make our customers feel confident in their projects and at ease in regards to what they are being charged. We are presently pleased to offer asphalt paving, concrete paving, asphalt & concrete repair, parking lots, stone paving, and driveway paving.

    Asphalt Paving

    Maintaining asphalt and parking lots may seem simple, but in reality, it is not that simple of a task and can frequently be neglected. The asphalt in an area is often the first thing potential customers and guests see, and judgments of the health of the area and overall aesthetic appeal can quickly be drawn from this visual. Our employees are well qualified in asphalt paving, as we have been doing this since our very beginning. We use the best techniques in the industry, and this shines through in our results.


    Concrete Paving

    Concrete is a material that we see all throughout commercial and residential areas, and much like asphalt, it is one of the first things that guests and customers have the potential to notice. There are multiple layers to concrete paving, and experts are the best source when it comes to ensuring that said layers are appropriately paved and treated in order to enhance their durability. Concrete paving hosts many functions such as paving, resurfacing, restoration, reconstruction, and rehabilitation.

    Asphalt & Concrete Repair

    Asphalt and Concrete repair is very common and our process for these repairs is the most economical way to extend the life expectancy and enhance the overall appearance of the area on which your project sets. Our team will prepare the existing area and assess for relevant repairs in an initial consultation to ensure that this process is completed in one fell swoop. At the time of the consultation, a price estimate will be offered along with a breakdown of the process and expected procedures.

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    Parking Lots

    Parking lots are one of the most commonly requested areas for our paving and repair services. We believe this is due to the fact that deterioration in a parking lot demonstrates negative impacts on the overall perception of business and home health. Luckily, pavement within parking lots allows for the appearance to be enhanced and asphalt resurfacing can take the parking lot to the next level in both appearance and safety!

    Stone Paving

    Stone paving is another one of the many specialties we offer, which creates unique and artistic looks and functionality across a variety of surfaces and atmospheres. This type of hardscaping is often used in outdoor living statements or to enhance the outward appearance of a business space. Driveways and entrances can also often involve stone paving to give them a different look and vibe. Regardless, this is a process best completed by experts who can provide an accurate consultation and select the stones needed to achieve the look you want!

    Driveway Paving

    Driveway paving can be implemented for a variety of reasons under the guidance of professionals in the industry like those on our team. Many components are involved that vary depending on if it is new paving or repair focuses. Additionally, some driveway paving procedures are purely for enhancement of the appearance and extension of the lifecycle of the driveway. Customer needs are different across the board and best identified through expert consultation.

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    Contact Us Today

    If you are interest in learning more about what New Rochelle Paving & Masonry can do for you, please contact us via the service number provided on the main page of our website or make a web inquiry. From there, you can speak with a customer service expert who will guide you in next steps in order to obtain an initial consultation. We look forward to hearing from you and will do everything in our power to meet your needs!

    “The parking lot at my business was looking worse for wear. I had looked around, but the prices just seemed astronomical everywhere in the area—until I called New Rochelle Paving & Masonry. The team was so honest with me and worked with me to create a plan that worked for my needs.  – Ralph M.

    “The first time I enlisted the help of professionals at New Rochelle it was for the parking lot at my business. The next time, it was for concrete at my home! I truly trust the staff there, and they made the entire process a breeze. I can’t recommend them enough.!”– Abby S.

    “The professionals at New Rochelle Paving & Masonry are like no other. From the very first consultation, I knew they could complete my resurfacing project that I had been putting off for years. Their positive attitude and affordable prices made it a very pleasant experience.” – Regan H.

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