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Concrete Paving

paving masonry worker doing concrete paving

Concrete is seen almost everywhere people go in today’s day and age. Commercial and residential areas are often judged for health and aesthetic largely due to the appearance of materials such as concrete and asphalt, which can be troubling seeing as they are so often neglected. Concrete paving is a process that can be used for new projects, maintenance, and restoration of existing concrete areas. While it may seem like a simple task, this is a job best handled by experts given that it actually involves many layers and can be quite complex.

Benefits of Concrete Paving

There are a number of reasons why a client may desire concrete paving, and all of these reasons can have an impact that the client sees as a result of this process. The first, and perhaps most compelling, the benefit of concrete paving is the longevity. Concrete lasts for an average of 30-50 years, so this is an investment you will not have to repeatedly make. Additionally, concrete has generally low maintenance requirements/costs and overall consumes minimum resources, which decreases the life cycle costs as well. Not only will the concrete paving allow for smoother traffic flow, but it will also enhance overall safety and the aesthetic of the area, which is truly a win-win!

Concrete Paving Process

There are a variety of methods for paving concrete, and it is imperative that clients turn to experts for consultations to decide which of these methods will be the best for them. In essence, there are four main types of concrete paving: plain pavements with dowels, plain pavements without dowels, conventionally reinforced pavements, and continuously reinforced pavement. Whatever process is deemed best for you will have an overall impact on the preparation, project duration, and associated project costs.

Licensed Professionals

Concrete pavement can require lengthy intervention and a lot of large scale machinery. It is not uncommon for lane closures to be required and for traffic flow to be interrupted in the process. For all these reasons and more, we ensure that only licensed professionals who are up to date in the industry have spots on our team. We want to provide top quality care to our customers and we truly believe this starts within. Don’t worry about the stress of getting relevant licenses and permissions, our team has them and will help you through this process from the preparation to the final finishing touches.

Costs of Concrete Paving

The costs of concrete paving will vary based on the size and scope of the project, as well as the process that is used. Fortunately, we provide free price estimates when the initial consultation is done so that transparency and integrity can be maintained throughout the entire concrete paving process. We want our customers to feel empowered and like they can access our services with minimal stress and worry. We want to work with you to discuss all cost options and payment plans so that you can sit back and let us take care of the rest!


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