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Parking Lots

parking lots after paving

When it comes to work being done in a parking lot, regardless of the scale, there is a lot on the line! The parking lot is often the first thing customers and guests see and it can impact their impression of your home or business. Additionally, parking lots can have a direct impact on the smooth flow of traffic and the safety of those within them. A damaged and deteriorating parking lot can cause significant harm in the long run, and it is important that parking lots are up to date and well maintained to promote a reasonable level of safety.

Consultation for Parking Lot

Just as with any paving project, there are many different motivations for why a customer may need work done in their parking lot. At New Rochelle Paving & Masonry, these reasons matter to us. Not only does hearing the reasoning of clients help us best serve them, it also has a direct impact on the approaches that we choose to implement. Our team of experts begins all projects with a consultation to outline the expected materials, services, and costs that will be involved in the process of the parking lot project. We want to know if this is a new project or revamping of an existing structure, but can assure you that, regardless, our experts will be able to tackle it with gusto!


New Parking Lots

When it comes to construction of new parking lots or complete rebuilding of failed parking lots, there are a lot of moving parts. There will be elements of installation, overlays, resurfacing, and construction. Additionally, a large portion of the project may involve simply removing existing parking lot materials and releveling. The average new parking lot an be paved over the course of a day, but the curing time can vary! Our team will work with you to create a timeline that coincides with your schedule and functionality needs of your parking lot and business.

Parking Lot Repairs

Parking lot repairs come into play when our customers wish to fix potholes, cracks, uneven leveling, and other types of structural damage. These repairs can be limited to individual section of the parking lot/pavement structure or across the entire lot. It is important to tackle damage in an timely an deficient manner because areas with existing damage are more susceptible to further harm. The parking lot repair often involves cutting out and removing the relevant section and replacing the asphalt or concrete. These repairs are often done within a day, but the curing time can vary.

Licensed Professionals

Our team takes all parking lot projects, regardless of size, very seriously. It is important to us that we are setting you up for success in the long term, which is why we pride ourselves so strongly on only having the best professionals in the industry take part in these projects. We will help enhance the look and functionality of your parking lot using the best, safest methods in the industry. Our professionals have all relevant licensure to operate the equipment and obtain the materials we need to get the job done correctly!


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